Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Dualis

(How do you name a game anyways? If someone knows the art of naming, give me a call.) In short, Dualis is a dual-arc Visual Novel in the making. While there's romance, the main focus is on storytelling...

Synopsis: Yuki and Yumi are sisters with opposite personalities, but in reality the two are tied together a lot more closely than what it first seems. (Let's just say there's a bit of fiction mixed with reality.) Our protagonist, Haru joins the already disbanded literary club together with bookworm Yuki, but soon ends on a collision course with her overprotective sister...

The full version will include two story arcs, and three different endings (with a small number of shorter bad ends).The game is available on IndieDB for now, and will be released on Desura on 1st of Nov. While it's 100% free to play, any donations are accepted and will be used directly for future projects.

Artwork is completed, made by and JosephSeraph. The game will feature a soundtrack by Kevin Macleod, with mainly piano music, jazz and perhaps some chiptunes. Lastly the game is voiced by Samantha Chan and Christopher Escalante of the Voiceiyuu Team. (

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