Tuesday, January 15, 2013


(To be updated with more pics)
Haru: A first-year student at Kakunoshima high. Our protagonist is snarky at times and a bit too smart for his own good. Though he has a tendency to dream big.
"If someone had stopped me to ask what I was actually doing, my answer would have been something along the lines of 'To seek solitude...' Apparently, I thought there was something cool about being alone."

Keita: Haru's classmate, self-proclaimed 'bro' and best friend from middle school. He's always on full power setting and a little annoying to be around, though he means well. Currently dreaming of setting up a school band.
"C'mon, it's you and me, bro. What do say?"

Yuki: The shy, silent and lonesome bookworm. She just has a bit of trouble communicating her feelings, but in fact she's surprisingly talkative and tends to dream even bigger than our protagonist.
 "Um, I just like to read..."/ "Plenty of other parts were missing as well. The girl had no legs, only her left arm was functioning properly and most importantly, she had no heart. The girl was mechanical, a machine." (a passage from her stories)

Yumi: The polar opposite of her sister, she's aggressive, realistic and straightforward. She appears strong on the outside, but she has only grown up that way, since she feels that she has to protect her sister.
"Huh? Got something to complain about?"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Current stuff

I wanted to have some sort of a ranting space and pretend that someone actually reads/cares about what I talk about here.
So, the first thing in order of ranting is the lack of any stock photography. blah blah, I want free stuff, more stuff for free. Well, there is some of it, but there's not enough keywords, so you have to dig through wall of irrelevancy to find something even remotely useful...
Royalty free music... though in this case the problem is that there's too much of great content, and you kinda want to put every possible song somewhere even if it doesn't really fit with the story...

Lack of everything... When I grow up, I want to have my own studio, where maids serve me coffee, while I write masterpieces, armies of artist cater to my every request... yeah. I've decided it, I can already see it... How about it? All donations go towards my fund of personal maids. Uh, no... I mean artwork... for making games and stuff.

Project Dualis

(How do you name a game anyways? If someone knows the art of naming, give me a call.) In short, Dualis is a dual-arc Visual Novel in the making. While there's romance, the main focus is on storytelling...

Synopsis: Yuki and Yumi are sisters with opposite personalities, but in reality the two are tied together a lot more closely than what it first seems. (Let's just say there's a bit of fiction mixed with reality.) Our protagonist, Haru joins the already disbanded literary club together with bookworm Yuki, but soon ends on a collision course with her overprotective sister...

The full version will include two story arcs, and three different endings (with a small number of shorter bad ends).The game is available on IndieDB for now, and will be released on Desura on 1st of Nov. While it's 100% free to play, any donations are accepted and will be used directly for future projects.

Artwork is completed, made by http://drawingneko.deviantart.com/. and JosephSeraph. The game will feature a soundtrack by Kevin Macleod, www.incompetech.com with mainly piano music, jazz and perhaps some chiptunes. Lastly the game is voiced by Samantha Chan and Christopher Escalante of the Voiceiyuu Team. (http://www.voiceiyuu.com/)