Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Haru: A first-year student at Kakunoshima high. Our protagonist is snarky at times and a bit too smart for his own good. Though he has a tendency to dream big.
"If someone had stopped me to ask what I was actually doing, my answer would have been something along the lines of 'To seek solitude...' Apparently, I thought there was something cool about being alone."

Keita: Haru's classmate, self-proclaimed 'bro' and best friend from middle school. He's always on full power setting and a little annoying to be around, though he means well. Currently dreaming of setting up a school band.
"C'mon, it's you and me, bro. What do say?"

Yuki: The shy, silent and lonesome bookworm. She just has a bit of trouble communicating her feelings, but in fact she's surprisingly talkative and tends to dream even bigger than our protagonist.
 "Um, I just like to read..."/ "Plenty of other parts were missing as well. The girl had no legs, only her left arm was functioning properly and most importantly, she had no heart. The girl was mechanical, a machine." (a passage from her stories)

Yumi: The polar opposite of her sister, she's aggressive, realistic and straightforward. She appears strong on the outside, but she has only grown up that way, since she feels that she has to protect her sister.
"Huh? Got something to complain about?"

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