Wednesday, June 4, 2014

posts need titles, right?

Time to update this thing... I've been working on a new project, aptly named 'Of Valkyries and Life' which is a tri-arc compilation of stories, all somehow connected to winged girls. These girls are indeed humans, yet carry wings on their back, leading to all sorts of situations. The idea is to deal with responsibilities, expectations and one's own life's worth. I'm not wizened enough to write such stuff, but hopefully it's still  enjoyable to read. In terms of genres, I guess it's a combination romance, slice-of-life and fantasy.

The artwork was provided by a friend of mine @ or alternatively while the in-game music was produced by Marc Tabula @ and Trass84 @

This VN will be released on and on Desura later on, more info there and then.

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