Thursday, August 8, 2013

Long time no see?

This is only a small post before the official announcement, but I'm happy to say that Project Dualis will be ready to be released in mid-August, perhaps the 17th or 18th, since those are the dates of a local con, but maybe even a few days prior to that, if I get impatient for some reason. In the end, I feel like the whole game's a bit short and unpolished, yet it still took a few months short a full year to complete...

Anyway, big reveals are that:
-Fully voiced from main cast to narration
-Will be freely distributable, and the official sources are on indieDB and Desura.
-Donations will be accepted at this blog site, used directly for any future projects. (And that Miku Append figurine I've been dreaming of... Just kidding.)

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